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Ductless heating and cooling promotions

The NW Ductless Heat Pump Project works to ensure Northwest utilities are aware of and included in ductless heating and cooling system promotion opportunities. Please use the resources below if you would like to take advantage of these opportunities. Promotion dates are tentative until the promotion materials are posted, at which time dates are firm. If you have questions or would like assistance utilizing promotion marketing materials, please contact us at


  • Gensco & Mitsubishi Electric Winter Multi-zone Promotion

    Gensco Winter Promotion: Up to $600 off select multi-zone ductless heating and cooling systems in Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington

    Starting December 26, consumers can save up to $600 off the cost of installing a qualifying Mitsubishi multi-zone ductless heating and cooling system. To receive the full rebate amount, the new system must be purchased between December 26, 2018 and February 25, 2019, and installed no later than March 25, 2019.

    Eligible models:

    $200 = Multi-zone: MXZ2C20NA | SUZ: SUZKA12NA, SUZKA15NA

    $250 = Multi-zone: MXZ3C24NA, MXZ3C30NA | PUZ/PUY: PUZA12NKA7, PUZA18NKA7, PUZA24NHA7 | SUZ: SUZKA18NA | Multi-zone Hyper Heat: MXZ2C20NAHZ

    $300 = Multi-zone: MXZ4C36NA, MXZ5C42NA | Multi-zone Hyper Heat: MXZ3C24NAHZ, MXZ3C30NAHZ

    $350 = Multi-zone: MXZ8C48NA, MXZ8C60NA | PUZ/PUY: PUZA30NHA7, PUZA36NHA7, PUZA42NHA7, PUZA42NHA7, PUZA42NKA7 | Multi-zone Hyper Heat: MXZ4C36NAHZ, MXZ5C42NAHZ

    $450 = Multi-zone Hyper Heat: MXZ8C48NAHZ, MXZ8C60NAHZ


    This offer is only valid to Mitsubishi Diamond contractors in Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington who register with Gensco prior to participation and may not be used in conjunction with other factory promotions. A homeowner invoice showing the discount was given is required with submission. This offer is only available for consumer sales. It is not available to builders or for commercial sales. The dealer is to give the consumer the discount amount off install price and submit a completed claim form through Gensco will reimburse the dealer two-thirds of the consumer rebate (one-third Gensco, one-third Mitsubishi).

Tax Credits

Residential energy tax credits for high-efficiency heating, cooling and water-heating equipment may be available for qualified equipment. Find federal tax credit for qualified ductless systems at ENERGY STAR®.

The Montana Energy Conservation Installation Credit provides a tax credit for 25% of the cost of a ductless heating and cooling system, with a maximum credit of $500 per individual and up to $1,000 for a married couple filing jointly.

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