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Daikin Training - Multi-Port Wiring & Commissioning

Thu, Aug 23, 2018 // 8:00 AM – // 11:00 AM


You will learn: Wire types, wiring to indoor & outdoor terminals, matching each port, wiring to ducted fancoils, wiring to floor mounted, wiring to ceiling cassettes, wiring the Comfort Control Interface Adapter, wiring the ENVi Thermostat, wiring condensation pumps and other ductless accessories, the difference between a 2-wire and a 4-wire system, how to wire an indoor 2-pole single throw switch, best practice for splicing wire.

Where: Geary Pacific Supply
4286 NE 185th Dr
Portland, OR 97230

Phone: 503-262-8202
RSVP: Lindsey Axberg / Lindsey@gearypacific.com

Please contact us for more information.