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Daikin D-Checker

Tue, Nov 13, 2018 // 8:00 AM – // 12:00 PM


In this four-hour class, the participants are introduced to the Daikin D-Checker service interfacing and diagnosis tool. Class participants will first learn how the refrigeration cycle works in ductless systems and how the various components, such as thermistors, have a direct effect on the systems overall operation. Next, class participants will learn how to how to set up, operate and understand the information the D-Checker gives. The class is both classroom learning and hands on. Each participant will have the opportunity to physically set up and use a D-Checker on working equipment. It is REQUIRED that participants bring their own Windows based laptops or tablets that also have USB ports.

Location: Lacey
Cost: $35.00
Instructor: Greg Astin
Maximum Capacity: 9
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